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Man In Trouble For Beating His Mother

by Smove

A man has been reported about him beating his own mother is that a right thing to do?.

Earlier when the family where in there own house and the Man went out without anyone knowing he had already stolen his sister money and he left with it just for him to go and spend it on drinking bears and smoking.

Then later some time in the same Day his mother and sister now come to discovered what he had done already and they were waiting for his return but he never came back on till later at night he now showed up and his mother now started talking to him telling him to give his sister her money cause what he has done is not a character of a good child she raise and he now said that he never carried anything like money today in the house he was busy arguing and never accepted the fact that he did carry they money.

Then the mother started shouting at him, and you know person who is on drugs can do something very unusual. Then he started beating her badly and put many injuries on her body and made her cry a lot and the sister to.
Then after beating her he now left to go and smoke weed in the jungle.

Just in small time the news spread around the area of what he has done as his fellow smokers heard of it too then they now started beating him too badly and left him then another set heard of it and then also beat him up he had received different beatings from different gangs such that he stop going to the jungle no more cause they will still beat him as he had to stay home all day to avoid that.

He was later then reported to the police for them to take action on what he has done and he is now held by the Police and in big trouble with them presently and so just you know mother are really the best she went to the cell and carried for them to release him out of the jail.

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