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How To Download Song To Your Phone From Audiomack

by Smove

It has been to our notice that many people don’t know how to Download songs from the popular music streaming platform, Audiomack such has discourage many from even listening to it cause the feel they can’t download it they only listen it or download it online and Audiomack’s own way f downloading a song from there website or app is only when you want to listen to the song when you are offline. But many want to have it on there mobile phone.

So we had come up with a decision in which we will show you how to download directly to your phone from audiomack.

Step 1

Open the song you saw on audiomack you want to download then you now copy the link of the song is at the top if you use mobile phone you will see the link the tap and hold on the link then select all the you copy the link.

Step 2

Open another tap on your browser then you Visit this site https://savieo.com/sites/audiomack


Step 3

If you are using a Laptop then the search box will be available once you click on the link but if you are using a mobile phone Click on the Search icon at the top of the site when it loads up  A box where you can paste the Audiomack URL will show up if you are using  Paste the Audiomack URL you copied into the Box and click the search icon button t paste you just press the empty space left for you to search and hold on it till you see “Paste“. But if laptop you can just click the empty box and Ctrl + V the hit the search icon to proceed.

Mobile View

Desktop View


Step 4

The Site will now find the song automatically then after the song has been found it will show you the cover art of the song and then download options like Mp3, Audio, Download then Click or Tap Download it will download automatically to your phone immediately.

iPhone users have to probably get a third party app, like TDownloader, Aloha, Savefromnet and some to enable them to download the music on their device cause this might not work on Iphone.

Follow this steps and you will find it much more easier to download cntents from Audiomack whether EP, Album or Single.


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