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How to stop hackers from hacking your WhatsApp

by Smove

It has been Notice now that there are many hackers now that can easily take over your WhatsApp application to do some illegal stuffs on it.

And that is to them using your number to collect money from tour contacts or make them pay money and assure them that the will double it in 24hours. And is going to be bad for you friend to see you as a criminal.

A lot of people have been victims of such people and the have ruin they peoples name.

So we have come up with a little trick that can help if someone is trying to hack your WhatsApp is called Two step verification. Follow the step below to protect your WhatsApp.


Lunch your App and go to the 3Dot on the side of the Whatsapp home page and tap then you will see settings then enter.

Then you click on account that’s were your security and where to change your number and privacy is.

As seen in the image below.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡



After you Taped on account it will open this page for you where you can see your Privacy, Security, Two-Step Verification,Β  Change Number,Β  Request account info and Delete my Account.

Then you Tap on the Two-Step Verification.


After you have taped it brings you to this page shown in the image below.

The you taped on Enable.


If you taped on enable it will bring this then you put your 6Digit pin code and then comfirm then tap next it then it will take you to where to put email and then save.



When you are done it will show you something like this:

Then tap Done.

Follow this steps and stand a chance not to get hacked on Whatsapp.

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