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Quick Ways To Stop Smoking Weed

by Smove

Now are days you find it difficult for many young people to quit smoking weed even if they seriously need to stop it. Why? cause they have been addicted to the Weed so they find it impossible to be able to take a break or stop it instantly.

So you find someone smoking the weed and he us telling you is not his fault but if he stop he will fall sick. And if you used to smoking weed you found out that you eat anyhow no control and you will always need water.

Here are some Quick ways for you to stop smoking weed gradually:

Avoid the Friends You Use to Smoke with Them:  

The First step ever to take is to avoid the friends which you use to smoke with that will help you a lot cause when you distance yourself from such friends at lease stop following them cause even if you want to stop the will influence you such that you can’t resist it and have no option than to join them and continue.

Instead of following Bad Friends just follow people that Don’t smoke and only thinks of something else apart from that instead of your friends who will just say lets go and buy or lets go smoke So if you try to stop moving around with them it will help you a lot cause you don’t have to smoke and smoke again now you will see you have start changing slowly.

Change Location For A While  

Secondly if you want to limit the way you smoke then you have to leave where you know a lot of people and stay in a place which you know only but few people who don’t smoke weed cause being in your environment alone can make you feel to go and smoke so distance can help you so as not to smoke. Even if you will like to stay in your environment just try you possible best not to go out just stay home and do some activities to help you stay home and keep you busy for sometime before you recover.

Try to Take less Off then quantity you use to smoke

Some people can smoke a lot of quantity to make them feel alright.

Taking leaser quantity can help you reduce smoking gradually lets say if you use to smoke like up to 10Rolls a Day you would have to be taking at least 5 from 5 you go lower and lower again from it when you smoke small and don’t fell any sickness and you continue to reduce it slowly in some months you will stop in no time.

Try Not To Go out to Avoid meeting People who Smoke:

If you will like to to change location cause of 1 reason or the other that will not allow you move out just try your possible best not to move out so it could help you not to mingle with anyone that smoke instead of you to go out just find any Fun thing to do or do some house work in your home that will not enable you go out.

Check the Doctor Frequently

As you you are trying to quit smoking you should be visiting the Doctor so that he would be checking you and giving you some drugs prescription for you to be healthy some you won’t fall sick for not smoking. So seeing the Doctor to hell you out a lot

We Hope this help you to stop smoking gradually if this does not work the you have to undergo a rehabilitation center for medical intervention.

Thanks For Reading. 

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