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Racing With God

by Smove

It is said that, “When a man runs alone it is called RACE but when runs with GOD it is called GRACE.”

The GRACE of GOD is all man needs now and forever. GRACE takes above his expectations, when GRACE is at work natural laws are root on hulk, protocols are broken. But before a man can sustain and manifest great GRACE he need:


Never neglect yourself, be equipped and manifest GODS GRACE. The GRACE of GOD is the great spirit of GOD with humanity, since the fall of man through eternity.

GRACE is the only requirement of man from womb to tomb.


GRACE and MERCY are both the spirit of GOD. GRACE is the ability of GOD in man to transform him from a canal and natural man to a spiritual and supernatural man, it makes you to share realm with GOD, and it makes you to be GOD on the face of the earth, because what GOD is in full HE gave you the power to be like HIM. GRACE makes you to perform like GOD, but MERCY makes you to experience pardon and forgiveness in the blood of JESUS.

This GRACE has the capacity to transform a nonentity to a celebrity, nobody to somebody!

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