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Side Effects of being a Blogger

by Smove

Blogging can be very side effective this days cause their is a lot going on now. We have decided to compile a list of 10 side effectiveness of a blogger.

Side effects of BEING A BLOGGER!

  1. You won’t have time for yourself until you are successful. Your friends n family won’t enjoy you.

This is be effective for you not being able to have fun and do something cause you will be busy trying to stay updated and ranked in SEO to make your visitors be update and you keep on doing that till you see your success cause walk van be much more for you cause to be sincere you cant manage a blog only yo depending on the niche sha cause entertainment niche is so had to take care of only you cause you have to keep the blog always updated and that must be everyday and your family wont enjoy you cause you don’t even have time for your self not to talk more of doing some house work and something instead you will just leave your self from them each time you together you always doing one thin or the other..

2. People will think you are cursed with pressing your gadgets.

This is often happens with entertainment blogger cause to run a entertainment blog you have to fall under many categories and you have to feed them each and everyday with lots if posts you will always be pressing your Laptop and anything you do you just online you keeping touching phone and Laptop always you wont have time to mingle around with your friends so much time will be on gadget.

3. Everybody will see you as a fraudster or Yahoo
yahoo guy.

In Nigerian now fraudsters (Yahoo Boys) are now the Nigerian trending topics in which EFCC have been catching them a lot lately. So they usually use Laptop in other to do their Yahoo and cheat people online so they are always online and the don’t go offline for a minute till the get the money the want from their client. So blogger can hold their system room or office morning till night without going anywhere or doing anything throughout the day so as you can see in Nigeria now if you are just holding a laptop then people start seeing you as a yahoo boy even if the don’t know what you are really doing the just say that you are one of the and that’s a bad of saying such to innocent people like bloggers lol.

4. You won’t have time for your girlfriend.

Women noware days need much more time from a guy they are datin but so unffortunate a blogger cant give you that much time cause he is always busy and never have time for his self not to talk more of calling his girlfriend or anybody cause he wont even think of such cause his problem is to get high rank and become sussful in lif. So if you are a lady and you are noticing your blogger boyfriend not giving you time then you should understand him. Not throw shadez.

5. You spend more on data!

This is the most important one. As a blogger you know if you dont have data then you cant access the internet not even to talk morw of posting contents on you site. As the say data is life so if you cant get data for the internet so it will die lol.
So people will be saying this guy is really spending his money buyng data not achieving anything just wastin his money.
So you keep buying data and so time you might spend about 2-4Gb per weak or might not reach and you cant stop buying data if you want to be successful really and you should get ready for that before starting cause blogging is spending so you cant avoid that.

6. You work 24/7 and people will think you are lazy.

You can be working for 24hours and people will think that you are lazy mist especially your family they will think you just seat down and press laptop but the don’t know you are really working. Cause blogging can be very hard cause of writing new contents. And you can only work and get tired only if you are a content writer not all those copy and paste writers which they cant post 20 posts in few minutes.

7. It only takes copy pasters 3 seconds to steal your 24 hours of work.

One thing that pains is when you see your content in some others getting high ranked on google while i took you hours to write the content the worst  is when you are even upcoming. And right now we have many copywriter bloggers in Nigerian who will just wait for you to post then boom the copy. That’s why google reject many blogs cause of that. And now are days everybody want to be the next Naijaloaded and linda ikeje and tooxclusive etc … And to be that you have to work real bad to become them cause the don’t copy from other the write their own and post to be even them you have to double work your self cause the have more workers updating the blog so before you post one then have posted 20 already so follow slow don’t  rush when is your time it will never pass you. Lets say like now you downloaded a song and you did not even listen to the song you just copy what the write and post instead of you listening to the song and write your on impression about they song.

8. You won’t have time for fun.

Is so had for blogger to have time with friends or chill out the instead bring their food into their office and eat when is break cause if you are a full time blogger you can’t waste anytime to go join your friends to have fun cause you will surely be missing some things online. You have to struggle real hard in other to be successful.

9. You get  troubled when a code you add did not work.

If you are a blogger that code then you must face this issue. When you trying to build a new concept to make your blog beautiful then you have added the code and everything okay the you find out that the code did not worked or have a problem with on thing or the other and fixing it can be a lot complicated in such a way that you must look for help in some professional places.

10. Always looking for high rank

Now in google you cant be in the front page of a search engine if you keyword is really in a big  competition  any this false on those copywriters they wont make it to they first page cause it cant happen while you copy from someone. In other to reach they first page you must not copywriter. And you must know what you want to blog about before opening the blog and your niche if it is entertainment the guys too have a lot of work to do their cause to get rank in entertainment is so hard now.

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