Between Men and Women Who usually cause misunderstanding the Most in a Relationship

Is now not a new thing that many couples have so many problems with their Relationship and it really not good to fight too much in a relationship.

Now as we usually see couples fight and fight each day because of one thing or the other. It can’t just start like this it had to be from one person or the other one or even both parties had the issue to cause the fight.

We know some Men usually have the start of all the fight and the are the one who do cause many fights in a relationship and the do many things to make the Woman angry and even beat her on top beat them on it. But not all Men are like that so don’t get it twisted.

Women also has them same attitude of doing some things making the relationship not good and there own could be even worse if the find a very simple man.

But no to be on any side. This is the question.

“Between Men and Women who usually cause misunderstanding the most in a relationship”

So lets hear from you guys….

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