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Do You Know Relationship Matters A lot? (Read More)

by Smove

Relationship matters is one of the most talk matters in our contemporary and based on my little research, I have the following statements and analysis to type down.

Relationship views

Relationships have two kinds of views which are peculiar to both males and females but the males constitute a 90% of such views on ladies.

FIRST VIEW: a guy who wishes to date a lady view her as unique in the whole street of London, humble, best, beautiful what a view!

At this stage the guy’s brain calculate nothing but only thinks of having the second part as part of his life. Based on the research carried on, statistics shows that85% of men can do anything to get her at this stage.


THE SECOND VIEW: before this view is effective, the guy must have had the desired girl, after all the struggles, trials, and attempts, BOOM she accepted to date, hangout and possibly allowed him to have sex. At this time he begins to think there was actually nothing special about her, he sees her as equal to every other woman, and that gave rise to the statement “ALL GIRLS ARE THESAME” a very mean statement in every relationship.  The statement creates hatred and the hatred breaks that uniqueness he earlier saw in her.

But you know what? Even at this stage the lady still cares and hope he will realize that he’s doing her no good and she fear he dumps her for another lady.

Not until two weeks without her the guy will begin to feel sorry for his actions but will find it very difficult to tell her he is sorry, he begins to remember fresh memories of times shared with her and by this time perhaps she have start giving up on him.

The above diagram best describes the thoughts after two weeks of an abundant relationship which most often men fall prey of.


Both sex should view each other as unique and should by no means try to take advantage of the other person.

Below are five steps to build a better relationship:

  1. Work on your words
  2. Believe in your words
  3. Go by your words
  4. Stand on your words
  5. Trust your words

It is said that “pride comes before a fall”

As a true lover who is ready to settle down you are expected to avoid the following

  1. Lies
  2. Apologize when you are wrong and mean it
  3. Forget about pride
  4. Never hurt your partners feelings intentionally
  5. Love unconditionally.

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