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If Someone dash you 1million will you buy Iphone 11 Or Start a Business?

by Smove

It has been very obvious that most of the Nigerians are urge to buy this apple latest product called IPhone 11. So as many can’t bre able to afford it only the rich ones can buy it.

Many people just the hustle and struggle to see the have that Phone and use. (Who no like better thing?).

So now lets say someone just  dash you 1 Million Naira. Now in your own thinking “What can you do with this big amount?”. Many people will be like i go buy Iphone 11 and buy then buy cloths and form big girl or boy in Town but is that Money going to sustain you being a Big boy or Girl forever? That’s the first question you should ask your self?.

We know only few people can use this money to do something good but many people won’t think of something positive instead the just play and be drinking carrying girls around spending it without gain. We know that everybody need the phone but try being wise for once.

But for me i rather use the money for Business? Wondering why?

Yes of cause lets say now you have 1 million Naira cash at hand the first thing i will do is to seat down and think of what business plan do i have for this money? And the things that will start running in my mind is to start a clean business that it will bring more money than the one i used to start it up.

Now lets say you have spent and buy IPhone 11 and the money and is finish now. Then you will be broke again and a person that start a business will still have money and bigger money everyday.

That’s why you see some people growing big and you keep being poor each and everyday and if you are having small money and you are poor then you are really comfortable being poor.

Hole this help. And next time some one dash you  money even if it is small you can be able to utilize it and make it Big instead of spending it. Be wise please.

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Jason November 18, 2019 - 3:49 pm

Business Sharp

ABdullahi November 18, 2019 - 3:50 pm

Cool Business will be better.