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Man Cries After his Girlfriend Left Him For Another Man

by Smove


A Nigerian Man who has been very crazy about his girlfriend since she was in the High School and he began training her and giving her every thing she need because her Parents weren’t there for her he trained her up till she now  finish her higher institution she shudently start snubbing  him.

He Said when he starts observing this issue was when he started giving him attitudes and the doing like she was not the one who sponsored her to her school and he was busy asking what was wrong cause he noticed that something must be wrong for her to be giving such attitude and being rude to him like he is not her partner and she said nothing is wrong and then he now said ok and letter then a rumor now came to his notice that the saw here moving into the car with other big man in different occasions and he was like that can never be true cause he knows her she cant do that to him not after all he has done to her.

And then he now began to investigate what really happened and he was like he has to found out what is happening since many people have been telling him about same issue. Then a day comes when he now saw her dressed up moving out of her house and he said he has to follow her and know what she is up to cause this rumor is getting out of hand and the he now followed her and she dropped at a hotel and now went out and step in the hotel t a room where she was t meet the man she is dating. The he now saw her kissing and romancing the man and he was s disappointed in her and felt so betray and then he now cries and moved in to the room and started shouting t her and he even beat up the man and mess up places.  And after that she came to his home saying it was not her it was the devil that came int her and did all this and he was so angry he had to throw her out of his room and he was planing to marry her before she did that.

So Guys                                                                                                                                             So What will you say about what she did is it Good or Bad? 

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