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Will you spend time on Relationship or Mobile Phone?

by Smove

Is now certain that most at times people now do spend much time in browsing the internet or chatting on social media such that the won’t even have time for their relationship and that can cause a serious  misunderstanding between the both.

Now that some men do usually get angry because their Girlfriend is online and not chatting them or not even call them for a long time now because they are too busy chatting online with other friends. And He/She can get annoyed if you are online but snubbing chat and that’s not good.

So now see the time spend in browsing and chatting s so much than having a stable relationship. Cause due to that you can now become a online daters which you can only talk online not on phone any more.

Now the questions is “Do you prefer spending much time on Relationship or you prefer your Mobile Phone?”

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